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About Me

Hi! And welcome!
My name is Charlotte, and I am a mum of 5 gorgeous boys.
It is me in the pictures here, having my 5th birth, and it is my 5th little boy featured throughout.
I am 25, and live in Teesside.
I enjoy gaming and poetry.
I am disabled and neurodivergent, also non-binary and pansexual.

Each birth I had, I didn't have a positive experience because I didn't have any education in childbirth, apart from knowing the ways society likes to scare you. During the pregnancy of my 5th live birth, I did lots of research and advocated for the right birth for me. This wasn't without a lot pushback and lots of advice from places like birth rights, aims and other Doulas.
By becoming a Doula, I want to give to others the amazing gift of educated and informed birth, something that I never really got to experience.
I look forward to meeting you and joining you through your journey to your baby/ies!


“A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them”

Victor Hugo

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