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Free Fully Funded Places

Upon setting up The Alternative Doula, I knew that I always wanted to make sure that there were fully funded places for those that need me, but don't have the luxury.

I believe that regardless of your background and needs, you deserve someone that can support, advocate for and aid in educating you.
Therefore, I am offering TWO FULLY FUNDED places per year.

The only thing I ask for in return is sharing your experience with me as a testimonial.

Are you a professional looking to refer a client/patient/service user that may meet any of the criteria?
Please click HERE.


I am offering 2 fully funded places to the following people:
-Black or Ethnic Minority,




-Single mothers/birthing people,

-People with no family support,

-Low income and/or Benefits (YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ON BENEFITS TO APPLY)


-Survivors of abuse or domestic violence

Please fill in the form in the forms section on 'Fully Funded Places'.



I will always offer my services free to those who are:

- Having a miscarriage, regardless of gestation,

- Having a Stillbirth
-Expecting neonatal death after birth,
- Abortion or termination.
Please fill out the form in the form section titled 'Fully Funded Places' and put in your application that you meet the 'ALWAYS FREE' criteria.



Unsure if you meet the criteria? Need urgent help? Need some immediate support?
Go to the contact page, and contact me.

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