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Due Dates Are Crap!

Due dates are displayed as 100% accurate, that you countdown to this date.

They couldn't be further from this.

For starters, it assumes that all pregnancies are exactly 40 weeks, but different individual variations can make them different lengths.

Not only this, but everyone has different cycles. The average is 28 days, but it is not the most common.

And we all grow differently. We grow to different heights, sizes, shapes! We even have different lengths of lives!

So Much Stress

Due Dates have been proven to be a massive causer of unnecessary stress. When they are only a thing to over-medicalise pregnancy and are not even based off evidence.

They are really irrelevant.

You're not told that after 42 weeks the risk of stillbirth actually goes down, instead you're scare mongered by something that is simply not evidence based.

In different parts of the world, the recommendation for the length of pregnancy is different. Some are 43 weeks - like Kenya.

Ours is one of the countries that has the shortest predicted pregnancy length.

This means in some countries women or birthing people are being induced because they are 'overdue', but in other countries, they are not even considered 'due' yet.

Some babies are born up to 44 weeks, perfectly healthily and naturally without issue, because they simply were not ready to come beforehand, and then others are born at 35/36 weeks, totally fine and ready to be born.

When you haven't given birth by a certain date, you start to panic because you know you'll 'have to be induced'.

This is not true.

You do not 'have to' anything, your care is 'opt in', and you can decline anything. I have another post on saying 'no', and can support you if you need it.

Your stress levels rise as you approach your due date, therefore your oxytocin (the hormone that you need to be able to go into labour) decreases. This means you are even less likely to go into labour spontaneously.

You want to remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

The best thing you can do with your due date is Ignore It!

Add 3 or 4 weeks on to your due date if you need a date in your mind, then it's really likely your baby will be here by then.

Remember, no one has ever just stayed pregnant, every baby is born.

There is no such thing as a 'Late Baby', babies simply have different gestation periods and come when they're ready.

I like to liken babies being born to apples ripening.

When apples are ready, they fall off the tree.

The average pregnancy length is 41.5 weeks, but in the UK as soon as you hit 40 weeks and 1 day, you are labelled as overdue, and you will of already been talked to about induction.

What About My Scan?

Scans are also known to be inaccurate.

Like I have said previously, we all grow at different rates, with this in mind, fetus' do too.

So the first trimester scan can be 5 days earlier than your due date or 5 days later, then the 2nd trimester scan is 10 days.

Overall, it is better to think of it as a 'due period'.

From 38-43 weeks.

There are also technical limitations. There is only so much technology can do for us at this point in time. Trying to use it as an absolute, does the pregnant person a great disservice.

What can I do to help?

Simply do not ask when someone's baby is 'due'. If someone asks you, tell them that only your baby knows their own due date, because it will be their birthday and that is a surprise you will soon find out!

Join my Hypnobirthing Class today to learn more in depth!

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