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Home Birth Must Haves!

So you are thinking about your birth, and what you would like it to look like, and you want to have a home birth.

But with planning your home birth, what do I need? Do I actually need anything?

The answer is, it depends!

What sort of birth do you want?

If you want a dry - land birth, and want to keep it simple, then you don’t really need anything - except maybe some dark towels if you’re bothered about yours getting bloody and maybe not being able to get it out.

If you want to think of things you may want during your labour, then I have a good list for you!

If you are considering a pool birth, you will need to source one! Either through hiring or buying.

Along with these you need to make sure you have;

- A liner that fits the pool! - to keep the pool itself clean and able to be reused,

- An electric pump to blow up the pool - much quicker and hands free!

- Tarpaulin! And lots of cheap shower curtains! - these protect your soft furnishings and are waterproof - preventing leaks.

For your labour you could consider your comfort measures.

-A speaker - so you can play affirmations or your favourite music that makes you feel calm.

-A plug in diffuser - it is really important that you find oils that are safe to use, but that you also like! Oils are an amazing thing, they can help in so many ways, even if it’s just that they smell nice and calm you, that’s still something that is of huge benefit to you.

-A portable fan, especially if you’re having a summer baby! Labour and birth is hard and very sweaty work! You can get very, very warm, so it’s a good idea to have a fan that you can be followed round with, or take with you wherever you may go.

-A wooden comb - you can use this by squeezing the comb into the palm on your hand, this not only creates a distraction whilst deferring the discomfort, but it also hits the Laogong acupressure point. This works by distracting your mind from any anxious thoughts and feelings.

-Tens machine!!! When I say, put this on ASAP, I mean do ittttt! They’re fantastic at helping you when you’re in early labour that isn’t quite ‘established’ yet. And they help to bank your body’s own endorphins (it’s natural pain relief!) The only issue with them though, is that you cannot use them in water because they’re electrical!

Other bits and pieces you could get:

-Twinkly lights! - LED string lights are really sweet, and you can actually put them under the liner of the birth pool, which look absolutely amazing!

-Battery powered candles - not only do they look nice but they make you feel nice! And unlike real candles, you don't need to worry about anyone knocking them over.

-Affirmation Cards! - I think everyone should have them, for pregnancy too. Think of things through your pregnancy that make you feel good, empowered etc, and jot them down. Or purchase some cards online, and put them up around your house. Affirmation cards are amazing!

-Your birth plan - not just 1 of them! Have different plans for different scenarios, so you're always in control, and print multiple copies of each in case they get lost.

-Hypnobirthing notes! - Do hypnobirthing during your pregnancy so you have all the tools you need to have an empowering and positive birth experience where you are in control.

-Tripod - Have you thought about taking pictures or recording your birth? Tripods are fantastic for it! Completely hands free and don't really get in the way.

-Water spray!!! You know that cold water in a can that you always take on holiday with you? Its a life saver and can keep you lovely and cool.

Can you think of anything else that you needed or was told you did, and then absolutely didn't?

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